DeviceSupervisor 2.0 Upgrade Notes

The DeviceSupervisor version 1.2.X is referred to as DS 1.0 and the DeviceSupervisor version 2.X.X is referred to as DS 2.0. When upgrading from DS 1.0 to DS 2.0, you need to pay attention to the following points.

Global description

  1. Only support the smooth upgrade of DS 1.0 version 1.2.9 and above to DS 2.0;
  2. After the upgrade, the configuration information of DS 1.0 will be translated into the configuration of DS 2.0, and it cannot be rolled back to the DS 1.0 version after the upgrade;
  3. After smooth upgrade, the configuration format obtained by calling DS 1.0 get_tag_config API has changed;
  4. The configuration of DS 2.0 is inconsistent with DS 1.0, and the configuration file of DS 1.0 cannot be imported into DS 2.0.

Explanation of terms after upgrade

  • Device –> Controller
  • Variable –> Measuring point
  • Alarm Strategy –> Alarm Rules
  • Group (Polling interval) –> Group (Reporting interval)
  • Added controller “Polling Interval”

Update instructions for each functional module

Measure Monitor

  1. After the upgrade, the configuration of OPCUA/EtherNetIP measure point will be discarded;
  2. The data type BOOL will be converted to the BIT type;
  3. DS 2.0 no longer supports configuring multiple devices (controllers) with the same IP address and port;
  4. DS 1.0’s write-only mode variables will become read/write mode after upgrade;
  5. After the smooth upgrade, the modbus address changes: 20000->110000, 40000->310000, 50000->410000;
  6. After the smooth upgrade, the measurement point upload mode, realtime -> periodic.


  1. After the upgrade, the history alarms and offline cache data stored in DS 1.0 will be cleared;
  2. The alarm strategy in DS 2.0 no longer supports the “direct use of address” strategy, and the alarm strategy using this method will become invalid after the upgrade;
  3. After the upgrade, the alarm group of DS 1.0 is deleted. DS 2.0 only distinguishes different alarms according to the alarm name. It should be noted that if the DS 1.0 cloud service script refers to an empty alarm group, the script may not be available after the upgrade because there is no alarm group. To run, please manually select the trigger source type in the cloud service script.

Cloud Service

  1. After DS 1.0 is upgraded, write_plc_values API will no longer support anonymous device names to modify measure point values, that is, to modify PLC values, you need to specify the controller name. Therefore, the Alibaba Cloud attribute setting script of DS 1.0 will be invalid. You need to specify the name of the device to be modified (DS 2.0 is called the controller) in the script;
  2. After upgrading the Alibaba Cloud custom RRPC script of DS 1.0, the topic response will be invalid, but the script function can be executed normally. It is recommended to use the DS 2.0 API to modify the script;
  3. Smooth upgrade does not support GreenGrass Core related configuration migration;
  4. After the smooth upgrade, the certificate name used by the cloud service will become the default certificate name of DS 2.0, which does not affect the use of the function.

Parameter Settings

  1. After the smooth upgrade, two new parameters, SN and MAC, are added to the custom parameters. The built-in parameter gateway_sn in DS 1.0 will also be explicitly added. If gateway_sn is used in the script, please delete gateway_sn carefully. You can use the new DS 2.0 SN replaces gateway_sn;
  2. After the smooth upgrade, the parameter setting canceled the item of the maximum number of historical data.